Memphis DUI and Criminal Defense Attorneys

A criminal charge does not have to be your worst nightmare

It may appear that the odds are stacked against you when you are facing driving under the influence (DUI) or criminal charges. However, with the Memphis criminal defense lawyers at the Brannon Law Firm on your side, you are in good hands.

When you call for a free consultation, we sit down with you and listen to your side of the facts. We analyze all the evidence in your case and examine all your options. We have a plan and discuss it with you, advising you what you need to do and the related fees before you decide to hire us.–Robert M. Brannon

The defense you need against criminal charges

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers focus on the following criminal charges in Memphis and throughout Western Tennessee:

  • DUI Defense:  In DUI cases, details matter. Our DUI lawyers know which details to analyze and emphasize. Yes, the arresting police officer administered a breath alcohol test. But was the reading accurate? The equipment may have been faulty, or the person operating it inadequately trained.  Each DUI attorney at our firm has the experience to refute the flawed evidence.
  • Criminal Defense: Whether you need a drunk driving defense attorney to defend against charges in Memphis, or you face any type of misdemeanor or felony charges, our lawyers remain at your side and protect your rights throughout the criminal process. We have the experience and the credentials to demonstrate that the facts may not necessarily be correct. The process itself—and all that is offered as evidence against you—can and should be questioned.
  • Drug Crime:  The Tennessee drug laws are complex and confusing. The seriousness of each offense depends on many factors. These include the type of drug involved, the amount, and the activity, which can range from simple possession to distribution.  Our Memphis drug crime attorneys have the experience needed to develop an effective defense based on the details of the law.
We gather all the evidence. We investigate the whole case. And we put the evidence into your hands to show you how we can help.–Robert M. Brannon

Call our criminal defense attorneys in Memphis, and help is on the way

We really want to talk with you in person or by phone. We actually listen to you. We hear your fears and answer your questions. We really can help you.–Timothy Francavilla

Please call the Brannon Law Firm as soon as you can, because we can help. One call is all it takes to breathe a little easier and know that help is on its way. Call the Brannon Law Firm (901) 521-1710, or type a note through our contact page.

Do not worry about paying us now, but please call now. We can discuss your case in a free consultation.—Robert M. Brannon