DUI Court Experience

Whether you were just arrested or your case is pending indictment, our advice to clients who are considering hiring a defense attorney to litigate their drunk driving case is to ask two questions: How many DUI jury trials have you handled, and were you successful in having the DUI dismissed? The Brannon Law Firm has successfully handled thousands of DUI cases in Tennessee. Although most cases can be successfully resolved without the need for a jury trial, you want to make sure you have an attorney with the necessary experience to be successful in trial should that become the only option available. Call our office toll free at (888) 540-4644. We want you to have the most practical, effective and successful representation.

Guilt or innocence in DUI matters is almost never clear-cut. This is why you need a truly qualified and experienced DUI attorney to represent you. To build your defense, we start at the beginning. If we can prove the stop was illegal, there is no case. If we can prove the DUI arrest was wrong, there is no indictment. If we can prove the evidence is faulty, we can win at trial. We will attack every aspect of the prosecution's case from beginning to end, and when necessary we will use our peer network to choose appropriate expert witnesses to support your defense with compelling scientific evidence.


Free consultation allows you to learn more about what we can do for you in person. Free consultation also allows us to determine the best initial course of action for you. At the free consultation, we will discuss with you a detailed case evaluation with recommendations on how to proceed with your particular case. This service comes to you with no obligation.


The prosecutor must prove the state's case against you. The court requires proof of each element of the DUI charge beyond a reasonable doubt. Only relevant evidence can be used against you. And it must be presented through testimony of competent witnesses. Prosecutors try cases every working day of the year. You need an attorney who thrives in this environment — an attorney who not only knows this environment, but has proven that he can win in this environment.

What to do when DUI happens to you in Tennessee

Worried about DUI? The Brannon Law Office wants to discuss your defense options in a free consultation. Call us toll free at (888) 540-4644 or type a note in our contact page. When we meet by phone or in the office, our attorneys will gather and analyze the evidence against you. We offer solutions to your problems and are ready to fight for your rights, your liberty and your future.

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