Memphis DUI Penalties

When you call a drunk driving defense attorney at the Brannon Law Firm in Memphis for a free consultation, we answer every question you may have about the effects and consequences of a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction in detail.

Even a first offense can result in stiff penalties

Below are just some of the penalties for a first offense DUI conviction.


  • Minimum $350
  • Maximum $1500
  • Mandatory seven consecutive days if blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.20% or higher
  • Minimum 48 hours plus 24 hours litter pick up
  • Maximum 11 months 29 days
  • Mandatory 30 days if accompanied by a minor
 License revocation
  • Interlock Device on motor vehicle
  • One year revocation

In addition, under newly enacted Tennessee law, refusal to take a breath or blood alcohol test may result in license suspension, even before your trial.  This can have a devastating effect— impeding your ability to get to work, to support yourself and your family, and generally live your life.

Other potential side effects of conviction can include loss of employment, cancellation of insurance or prohibitively expensive insurance premiums, and disqualification for loans. You could also lose your eligibility to serve your country in the military, your ability to pilot a plane, or drive a truck.

Multiple DUI offenders

Penalties increase significantly with multiple offenses. Again, this list provides a summary of typical penalties:

  Second Offense
Third Offense Fourth Offense
Fine: Minimum $600
Maximum $3,500
Minimum $1,100
Maximum $10,000
Minimum $3,000
Maximum $15,000
 Jail: Minimum 45 days
Maximum 11 months,
29 days
Minimum 120 days
Maximum 11 months,
29 days
Minimum 150 days
Maximum six years
 2 years Minimum 6 years
Maximum 10 years
8 years
Possible vehicle seizure Possible vehicle seizure Possible vehicle seizure

In addition, you may pay fees associated with mandatory alcohol and drug addiction counseling, and possible court-ordered alcohol rehabilitation.

These cases are complex. Prosecutors are less inclined to negotiate with you, and judges are more inclined to administer stiffer penalties. We have worked hard for many years to solve problems for people with prior DUI convictions. Let our experienced Memphis DUI lawyers help you.

Professional vehicle operators

DUI can ruin the livelihood of truck drivers, airline pilots, navigators, ship captains, and other transportation workers. Memphis, Tennessee is one of the major hubs of the commercial transportation industry. Local authorities and police know this fact, making it a target-rich environment for DUI stop opportunities. When DUI becomes an obstruction to making a living, we can help get you back on track.

How our Memphis DUI lawyers help

Each Memphis DUI attorney at the Brannon Law Firm uses all legal ability and resources to fight for your driving privileges. We dissect the evidence against you and challenge the prosecution with scientific analysis, legal experience, and a willingness to stand up for your rights. We consider it our duty to protect you from the negative impact and consequences a DUI conviction could have on your life.

When we meet for a free consultation, we introduce you to all of the options, strategies, and defenses available to resolve your case properly and effectively. We have years of experience defending clients charged with multiple DUI offenses. Let us show you how we use hard work, legal knowledge, and scientific expertise to better your life after a DUI charge.

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