Memphis Underage DUI

Though lawmakers conceive and write legislation in the spirit of equal treatment under the law, it is not difficult to find times when it seems to punish different kinds of people unfairly. College students—and all underage drinkers—face penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) that call for the attention of an experienced drunk driving defense attorney from the Brannon Law Firm in Memphis.

College Bound

At three AM, you find your son or daughter in jail for a DUI charge. What next?

Many students—even many of their parents—are unaware that a DUI conviction can have many negative and long-lasting effects. Beyond college, obtaining some professional certifications or employment can become problematic after a DUI conviction. You need to address other complications when your child faces charges of DUI before he or she reaches the legal drinking age.

When your college student comes home from jail, call an experienced Memphis DUI defense lawyer from Brannon Law Firm at (901) 521-1710 to schedule a free consultation at our office. Each attorney at our firm understands that you look forward to a bright future for your child. We take the time to discuss all defense options that we can utilize to resolve this matter favorably for your child. We have seen how young lives change after a conviction. It gives us great satisfaction to help them get back to the books and on with their lives.

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Underage drinkers face stiff penalties

A Memphis DUI attorney is vital for any accused driver. For first offenses, Tennessee law imposes harsh penalties—including license revocation, stiff fines, and jail time. However, underage drinkers face license suspension for one year with no option for a restricted drivers license.  Drivers who are not of legal age do not need to drive with alcohol in the vehicle, as even possession of alcohol is enough to result in these stiff penalties.

Our experienced Memphis DUI lawyers can help

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