The Truth About Memphis DUI Field and Sobriety Tests

Pulled over, tested, and arrested for driving under the influence

Unusual driving behavior is not illegal in and of itself, but police officers often interpret it as cause to conduct a traffic stop. Pulling over to answer police questions can make anyone nervous, putting you at an immediate disadvantage. After questioning, police are likely to ask you to take two types of tests:

  • Field sobriety tests
  • Blood alcohol tests

Field sobriety tests are not required

Field sobriety tests involve a number of activities such as walking a straight line or standing on one leg. You do not have to agree to field sobriety testing.  You may naturally lack balance, and police officers can lack the training needed to conduct tests properly and assess the results. Your nervousness or lack of coordination can easily lead to a DUI arrest. However, if you agree to take the test, the Memphis DUI lawyers at the Brannon Law Firm have the knowledge, training, and experience to attack the validity of the field sobriety tests and protect your rights.

Refusing blood alcohol tests after arrest has consequences

Once they have arrested you, the police also want to test your breath or blood to verify the alcohol content in your blood. This is the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test, and refusal to take it can lead to license suspension even before you go to trial.

We know that the BAC test result may not be accurate or even admissible into evidence against you. Each drunk driving defense attorney at the Brannon Law Firm in Memphis has the knowledge and training necessary to challenge the validity of the BAC test and demonstrate how misleading a BAC test result may be.

How we refute the evidence

We have spent significant time educating ourselves in the scientific and technical details of DUI, allowing us to offer you truly effective legal representation against DUI charges. When prosecutors face a Memphis DUI defense lawyer from the Brannon Law Firm, they face attorneys who are uniquely qualified to mount successful challenges to every aspect of traffic stops, field sobriety testing, and blood or breath testing.

We challenge police officer impressions with hard evidence. A police officer can claim you were impaired based on observations during your field sobriety test. However, the arrest video may show that you exhibited sobriety, and the jail intake physical may indicate sobriety. Pitting evidence against evidence is the most effective way to defend a DUI case.

We look forward to discussing your defense options with you and fighting for your rights.

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