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Why we work hard for DUI clients

With over 50 years of combined experience as Tennessee DUI defense attorneys, we have witnessed the DUI laws becoming more and more complex with an increasing reliance on science. As a result, the Brannon Law Firm has had to step up our defense of DUIs in an effort to prevent innocent people from being convicted by faulty science. We have focused heavily on educating ourselves in relation to the machines, protocol and overall scientific theory utilized by the prosecutor’s experts in order to challenge the results of those faulty tests. With thorough preparation, complete examination of the evidence, and a better understanding of field sobriety testing and breath/blood testing, we believe we can be successful in your DUI defense. We stand ready to help:

In court, we see too many people plead guilty without properly examining the scientific evidence and challenging the validity of the test results. Due to a lack of education and training with regard to the breath and blood testing machines and protocol, many lawyers fail to challenge the prosecutor’s evidence because they are not familiar with the science behind many DUI prosecutions.

We at the Brannon Law Firm take pride in our scientific knowledge and experience. We understand that much of the evidence acceptable in DUI proceedings can be proven unreliable and inaccurate. With a scientific approach, we feel we are better able to demonstrate reasonable doubt of your guilt as it relates to the prosecutor’s evidence.

Many individuals arrested for DUI are presumed guilty because a man-made machine produces a certain number that indicates the person must be under the influence of alcohol. The problem, however, is there are numerous reasons that would cause the machine to produce an inaccurate and faulty test result. As a result, an innocent person may be convicted of DUI wrongly, and this is why we work so hard for our DUI clients.

With the punishment for a DUI conviction being so severe, we at the Brannon Law Firm want to ensure that our client’s rights are protected. We work hard and utilize our scientific knowledge and experience so that our clients are not wrongfully convicted by unreliable machines, improper testing procedures and faulty science. Don’t be a victim of blind reliance on technology. Call today for your free consultation.

What to do when DUI happens to you in Tennessee

Worried about DUI? The Brannon Law Office wants to discuss your defense options in a free consultation. Call us (901) 521-1710, or type a note in our contact page. When we meet by phone or in the office, our attorneys will gather and analyze the evidence against you. We offer solutions to your problems and are ready to fight for your rights, your liberty and your future.

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