Drunk Driving Defense Attorney in Memphis

The practice of DUI defense law

Inappropriate driving under the influence (DUI) convictions have ruined the lives of many people throughout the years, because their defense attorneys did not know enough about DUI law to mount a strong and successful defense. Do not become one of these people.

The DUI attorneys at the Brannon Law Firm in Memphis pride ourselves on our knowledge, understanding, and overall application of the DUI laws. Five decades of experience and dedication to DUI defense enable us to use these laws as a tool, instead of a hindrance, to achieve favorable results for our clients.

Each Memphis DUI lawyer from our firm goes the distance to obtain all the important evidence. This includes the following:

  • Police reports
  • Arrest videos
  • Jail intake physicals
  • Dispatch tapes
  • Medical records
  • Blood and breath test results

Then we utilize this evidence in conjunction with the applicable DUI laws to support your case effectively in the following ways:

  • Move to dismiss for illegal arrest
  • Challenge the validity and admissibility of field sobriety tests
  • Move to suppress evidence of faulty blood and breath test results
  • Move to suppress any incriminating statements
  • Pre-empt license suspension
  • Attend to the special needs of transportation professionals
  • Help college students and minors charged with DUI
  • Use science and plain hard work to be successful in trial
  • Offer alternative options to people with prior DUI convictions

Our Memphis DUI defense lawyers use precise details of the evidence

Besides field sobriety and blood alcohol tests, prosecuting attorneys use any number of evidentiary exhibits to show intoxication, including the following:

  • What you said before you were arrested
  • Police observations
  • Witness observations
  • Driving patterns
  • Driving home from a place where alcohol is served

Knowledgeable DUI defense lawyers understand that DUI law is complex, as is the science associated with it. Prosecuting attorneys work every day on criminal cases, and their experience is often formidable. They consider whether their case is legally sound, whether they can prove it, and whether the case against you fits their public policy requirements.

Prosecutors are smart and tough, and they work hard. But we work harder, making sure that your defense is better prepared.

Contact an experienced Memphis DUI defense attorney

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