Client Testimonials

Readily available and supportive


"I wanted to thank you both for all of your efforts in helping me through this past year, and for the best outcome I could have hoped for. I realize there is a lot of behind the scenes work which I am not privy, and I appreciate your savviness and diligence in negotiating a successful resolution on my behalf."


"Mr. & Mrs. Brannon and Tim were wonderful not only to me but my mom and dad. They were readily available any time I needed them and supportive. I never felt like I didn't know what was going to happen because they made sure I had knowledge of everything pertaining to my case and every option was explained and understood. They are very professional, respected by the community and they care. I would recommend them to anyone."


On February 8, 2005, I was given one of the greatest gifts of my life, that of my freedom. For the 22 months transpiring until that date, my life was one of uncertainty. I spent much time in contemplation, and in personal examination (and might I also add, in agony!). The end result is that now I do have a life going forward; my professional career will not be destroyed, nor will my education pursuit of obtaining a doctorate degree. Thank you for all that you have done to represent me, and thank you for having the faith to believe that I was worthy of your representation, which resulted in dismissal of all charges against me. I assure you that the circumstances that lead to this state of affairs will not occur again. I have learned, and I am much more aware of every action that I take, and of its potential consequences. Mr. Brannon, I hold you in the highest regard. You have always portrayed an exceptional degree of professionalism and consultation throughout my entire ordeal. I would also like to interject that your wife, Linda, has provided so much support to me during this trying time in my life. She has been available when I have called, and has provided ongoing support and follow-up whenever I have needed to get a message to you regarding any questions or concerns that I have related to my case. Please give her my personal thanks. It is finished, and I am relieved.


I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and everything that you have done for me. I am truly thankful that I found such a great lawyer like you to handle my case. I am confident that I would not have been able to achieve such great results with my case if it had not have been for your hard work. This has definitely been a learning experience for me that I will never forget. I really appreciate you being able to turn this into a learning experience that was not detrimental to my future.


I really can’t thank you enough for your help over the past few months! I have never been in such a scary situation, and I’m so glad I finally found someone who could get me out of it. You were wonderful. And while I hope that none of my friends will ever have to go through this, if they do, I’ll be sending them your way! Please tell Tim “thank you” as well.


Thanks for your kindness and concern with my case. You and Mr. Francavilla set the standards that every lawyer should follow!


I cannot express how thankful I am for your personal guidance, professional service and dedication. You, Tim, and your staff were highly recommended to me and I felt comfortable with you from the beginning. Phone calls and emails were always answered, and of course, the outcome was a very pleasant surprise. I felt a huge burden lifted from my shoulders and experienced a few tears of joy driving home. If anyone comes to me with a similar problem, I will gladly and strongly recommend you.


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